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Give Back with USANA’s Day of Giving

USANA Celebrates the United States’ National Day of Giving

To celebrate the United States’ National Day of Giving, the USANA True Health Foundation is funding a holiday meal drive. USANA’s Day of Giving corresponds with the United States’ National Day of Giving on November 28. USANA is taking this National Day of Giving and making it grow.

We would love your support. The Foundation will host a Food Pak assembly on November 28 at the Home Office, where employees and local Associates will have an opportunity to build 100,000 meals for children and families in need.

Be Involved in Day of Giving

We want our entire USANA community to be involved as we take this day global. There’s a way for you to be an important part of USANA’s Day of Giving no matter where you are.

During this month, any donations you make to the Foundation will be used to feed the hungry. On November 28, USANA’s Day of Giving will create meals to reach tables across the globe. With the help of our long-time partner, Children’s Hunger Fund, the Foundation will host a Food Pak assembly for 100,000 meals. Twenty thousand meals will go to the Utah Food Bank and emergency pantries in the Salt Lake area. The remaining 80,000 meals will be distributed across the globe to families who need them the most.

Take Action

To help make this year’s Day of Giving a success, donate today. Turn your gratitude into action by checking out The Hub for more info. We know you’re committed to changing lives and growing the healthiest family on earth. Supporting the Foundation during this month through our Day of Giving is an effective way to change the health of families around the world.


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