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Is Direct Selling Your Best Option?

Have you ever felt handcuffed as an entrepreneur?

You are energetic. You are dynamic. You are motivated. And you have great potentials for success. Also, you have dreams to be your own boss. Then, you have every thing to start your own business, except the capital!

And then; You’re Stuck…

And This Is Where Most  Dreams Die…

Wait .. We have the solution!

Why don’t use another stablished company assets?

Why don’t sell another reputable company  products?

You don’t need big capital

You don’t need to manufacture the products

You don’t need go through all the licences and requirements to start a business.

You don’t need to have a warehouse

You will be needing only what you have now; your energy, your desire for success and your efforts.

Direct Selling!

Before you are trapped in disappointment and before letting your dreams fade away and die, why not consider direct selling business. Direct selling is the best option for people like you who wants to be working for himself , not for others. Who have no capital but plenty of dreams. Who is not wealthy, but dynamic with a wealth of personal energy and motivation.

Direct Selling is a legitimate marketing system, a face-to-face selling of products to the consumers by an independent distributor or sales agent.

It offers a good option for people of all ages, genders and income levels. It is a good business opportunity for people  who want to earn unlimited income while having flexibility and control over their time. Backed by an established company and its wide range of products, anyone can engaging in direct selling business. Then, no need for making big investment.

benefits of Direct Selling

Here are some reasons direct selling is the best option for you:

1. Earning Good Income

It has been proven that direct selling industry is helped many to make their dreams of having descent income come true. Provided that these direct selling companies offer quality products to sell. A career in direct selling is a promising lifetime career as long as you can put enough effort into it. You must remember that no success without great persistent efforts.

2. Freedom and Flexibility of time

Among the valid reasons why many try a direct selling career is the flexibility of time it gives to any aspirant, unlike the regular 9-5 office work. In direct selling, anyone can dream of having full control to the number of hours they wish to dedicate in direct selling that would fit his/her lifestyle and financial needs. If you are a sales-driven person, being a direct seller isn’t a big adjustment, especially if you know how to manage your time properly.

3. Universal

Direct selling covers any parts of the globe and is open to every individual regardless of your age, sex, country of origin and even educational background, that’s why it is called a universal career option. As long as you are a determined individual, ready to soar high and explore new challenges, there is always a room for you in the direct selling industry.

4. Widen your circle of friends

The level of friendship can also develop in a direct selling environment because you have all the time to meet new people who can be your friends, mentors or even selling buddies if you decide a direct selling company. Lasting relationships are also built as you gain the trust of your loyal clients, so the connection between you and your buyers move to a higher level of commitment. Support groups are higher in any direct selling firms, so you are assured of getting all the help and assistance that you will need in achieving all your goals and sales target.

5. Career advancement

Choosing a direct selling profession as a direct sales representative or an entrepreneur running your own direct selling business, offer you a higher percentage of career growth and self-fulfillment without waiting many years as you make every effort of hitting your sales target as a direct seller, then moving to higher and bigger role as a direct sales manager, executive sales consultant or a prominent business owner. A direct selling career can even bring you to places that you never imagined you could visit just for fun due to the possible incentives that you can get from reaching your sales quota or having the luxury to spend more quality time with your family when you wish to.

But Don’t think it is that easy!

There are two questions or issues you must have the correct and proper answer for each one before startin.

  • Are you willing to go for training to learn about the company and their products? Also to learn some marketing tips to help you selling

    Keep in mind that many have tried a direct selling, but not all have found the real success that they are looking for. Do you have the potentials of becoming a good performing direct sales?Can you be a business representative in this type of business? Then, go ahead. Take enough time in doing your research who among these direct selling companies will suit you.

  • Which company you choose to join?

    1- Check if the company you want to do business with is a legitimate one or a member of Direct Selling Association in your country.
    2- Visit any of their branches near from you, to know and see at what they do and what they sell.
    3- Ask questions before joining that will help you decide:

How to know a legitimate direct selling company?

  1. Is there a product?
  2. Are commissions paid on sale of products and not on recruiting members only?
  3. Is the intent to sell products not to recruit members?
  4. Is there no compensation for recruiting members?
  5. If no more members to be recruited; will the participants still make money?
  6. Is there a product return policy?
  7. Do products have real value for consumers?
  8. Is there a strong reason to buy the products?

If your answer to all above questions is YES, then the company is a legitimate.


Direct Selling Has Great Advantages. Unlike many businesses, there are no entry barriers to becoming a direct seller. No need any particular level or education or training. You don’t need to do it full-time or even any set number of hours per week. Can be done from your home.

It’s inexpensive to get into. Normally all you need to do to get started is purchase a starter kit; some companies offer these to new sellers for as little as $20 or $35.

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