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What is best gift for pregnant woman?

If you are expecting our first baby, you may be thinking what is the best gift to offer your pregnant wife!

Doctors advice women to supplement their prenatal vitamins with vitamin D,and calcium. Our bodies rely on vitamin D for normal bone mineralization and growth, and it also helps us maintain muscle strength and coordination, cardiovascular health, and even helps immune support. And when consumed by the mother, those benefits are passed along to the developing baby. The thing is, we don’t naturally produce vitamin D, and most people don’t get enough through food and sun exposure alone.

Calcium is another nutrient babies need plenty of to help them develop. Like vitamin D, our bodies don’t naturally produce it, and if the mother isn’t getting enough for both herself and the baby in her diet, the baby will leach it from her. This can lead to potential calcium deficiency. That’s where a calcium supplement comes in.

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