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Usana Scam Review – Read This Before You Join!

You stumbled across this blog post because you want to make an informative decision and want to do the research.  There are a lot of Usana Scam reviews on the internet, but how many of them are actually true?  In this blog post, you are going to find out the truth and I will not hold anything back.  So fasten your seat belts and let’s dig in!

Usana Review – The Company

Usana Scam


Usana is the brain child of Dr. Myron Wentz who had a vision of a disease free world.  He believes all of the healthy problems are due to the lack of nutrition.  Dr Wentz served as infectious diseases specialist and directed the microbiology and immunology laboratories for three hospitals in the Peoria area.

In 1974, he launched Gull Laboratories and in 1977, many of his viral diagnostic assays where finally FDA approved.  In 1992, Dr Wentz sold Gull Laboratories and the birth of Usana Health Science as we know it came about that same year.

I found this information on their website:

Now, my opinion about this man is this…

He is a great man and I respect that his heart is in the right place.  Now let’s continue on to the products of Usana.  So far I don’t think the Usana scam exists, but let’s keep going.

Usana Product Review

Usana Products

Like all the good mlm companies out there, the product is very important.  It has to stand out from the crowd and has to do exactly what it is designed to do.  Usana actually makes one of the highest quality health supplements on the planet thanks to Dr.Wentz.

I am not going to say anything negative about their products, but there is problem…I will get into that later in this blog post.

Usana has so many products and it will be foolish of me to list them all here.  It will bore you to death LOL!

So instead I will tell you they specialize in…

Nutritionals:  This includes vitamins, minerals and anti-oxdants all in many different forms.

Diet & Energy: This includes all the protein shakes, meal replacements and energy drinks.

Personal Care:  This includes all the skin care products, shampoo’s and other beauty stuff.

Now the biggest problem with their products is….PRICE.

They are extremely expensive so the target market for these will be very limited.  This explains why most of the distributors dump all the products on eBay and Amazon less than wholesale.

They just don’t have the buyers for them.  But then again, maybe these distributors don’t have the right skill sets…I will get into why this is very important later in the blog post.

Usana Business Opportunity

Like most network marketing companies, the product is not where the money is “at”.  The truth of the matter is the majority of the money is made by recruiting people into your business.

So let’s look at the Usana Compensation plan:

NOTE:  I got this directly from Usana which is the best source for this.  

As you can see, it’s a powerful compensation plan…BUT…that doesn’t really matter because I am going to reveal to you the biggest truth in Network Marketing and why 99% of the people fail.

Usana Scam – So does that even exist?

This is the moment you have been waiting for and I am here to tell you that the “Usana Scam” doesn’t exist.  The reason why you see negative reviews on the internet is because many join, but only a few succeed.

To do great in any network marketing company, you need the right skill set to sell your products, generate prospects and close them to either become a customer or a distributor in your business.  The reason why 99% of the people fail is they just don’t have these skills.  They jump in thinking they will become millionaires over night with a lottery mindset, but where in actual reality you need to build yourself daily to become successful at anything.



One thought on “Usana Scam Review – Read This Before You Join!

  1. I don’t find the products expensive, but a bargain, because they work.

    I joined as an associate, tested the whole range on various clients in my private practice, including a liver cancer gentlemen, sent home to die by his doctors, it took just two weeks to get him reasonably normal.

    The reason 99% fail, is because 99% quit. It’s a business, that requires business skills and patience.

    Thank you

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