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Consultation – الأستشارة الطبية الخاصة

الأستشارة الطبية المجانية

يجب أن تعرف أن مايلى جيدا

  • الأستشارة المجانية متاحة للجميع
  • الخدمة المجانية هى نفسها مدفوعة الثمن ولا يوجد أى فرق
  • الاستشارة المجانية تكون بطرح موضوع على موقع أرافيل
    مع تفاصيل كافية عن المشكلة
    وأرفاق صور التحاليل أو التقارير عن حالتك
  • تستطيع أن تستخدم أسم مستعار أذا أردت الخصوصية
    أضغط هنــا

الأستشارة الطبية المجانية الخاصة

  • تتم بالتواصل عن طريق واتس أب أو فايبر
  • عليك بتحضير كل شى عن حالتك بالتفصيل قبل التواصل
  • أضغط هنـــأ


You will entitled for direct Medical Consultation with the doctor by:

whats up , IMO and google Du.

Consultation includes:

  1. Chat text , call and video chat by whats up , imo and google Du
  2. Chat for 5 times , each chat can be up to 20-30 mins
  3. Valid for One Month period

You must be ready before Starting chat:

  1.  Personal details: Age, Sex, status, country, Height, and weight.
  2. Your health problem details: Symptoms and signs , and history of the illness
  3. Copies for all ready laboratory , X-Ray and medical Reports to be sent



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Want a painless wrinkle reduction?

Painless Wrinkle Reduction

If you are looking for a painless wrinkle reduction or complete wrinkle solution, then this product is perfect for you.

Instant Wrinkle Reducer by skinception is a topical cream. This product do what other anti aging skin care products can’t do and it shows the result instantly.

Why Instant Wrinkle Reducer by Skinception is so effective and how it works?

It has a  wonderful ingredient that bring fast results, the argireline!

It works just like botox, but no pain and no needles

What does Instant Wrinkle Reducer can do?

  1. You will look younger.
  2. Eradicate fine line & wrinkles
  3. Great results without expensive & time-consuming visits to doctor
  4. painless wrinkle reduction

Is it right for you? ..

Yes!! Sure!
If you want a product that will give you fast results, then this product – Instant Wrinkle Reducer by Skinception – is perfect for you. Instant wrinkle reducer can give a quick results for you.




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Instant Wrinkle Reducer



Argireline is the key ingredient in Instant Wrinkle Reducer and is a naturally occurring substance derived from peptides.

Compared by many in the medical profession to Botox®, Argireline works in a similar fashion, without the needles, or expensive doctor’s office visits.

Argireline has been proven to revive skin, minimize the appearance of fine lines, dark eye circles and baggy skin. It essentially shrinks the pores – resulting in skin that appears to have a flawless finish.

Instant Wrinkle Reducer works quickly – within a few minutes of application. You can watch as the years literally melt away – giving you a fresh, more youthful appearance.


“Argireline is a needle free ingredient used in the best skin creams and serums that works just like Botox®.”
– Dr. (Mehmet) Oz

“The average consumer, the intelligent consumer, will try one of these products (with Argireline) and find it does make them look better.”
– Dr. Lawrence S. Reed. Assistant professor of surgery at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and a spokesman for the nonsurgical procedures committee of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

“Argireline, a synthetic peptide, which is patterned from the N-terminal end of the protein SNAP-25, can both reduce the degree of existing facial wrinkles and demonstrate effectively against their development.
In our past studies, we found out that Argireline had a significant anti-wrinkle effect in Chinese subjects and that it was safe and well tolerated.”

Journal of Cosmetic & Laser Therapy – Aug 2013

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid, another naturally occurring substance, works to enhance the effects of Instant Wrinkle Reducer’s star ingredient, Argirleine.

A powerful agent in its’ own right, Hyaluronic Acid reduces – even eradicates – fine lines and wrinkles while it naturally plumps up and moisturizes your skin.

Don’t let the word acid fool you. Hyaluronic Acid is not acidic or harmful; in fact, it’s soothing and luxuriously smooth. It occurs naturally in our bodies, in diminishing quantities as we age.

Adding Hyaluronic Acid topically plumps and hydrates your skin, making skin softer and increasing elasticity as it helps restore collagen and elastin fibers.

Hyaluronic Acid is one of the most water loving molecules found in nature. When combined with Argireline, you have an age-defying powerhouse in a bottle.

Young Skin vs Old Skin


“Topical application of all Hyaluronic Acid formulations used in this study led to significant improvement in skin hydration and elasticity. Application of low-molecular-weight Hyaluronic Acid was associated with significant reduction of wrinkle depth.” 
Journal of Dermatology

“Hyaluronic Acid is virtually unmatched in hydrating the skin, resulting in increased smoothness, softening, elasticity and decreased facial wrinkles.”
Saturday Evening Post

If You’re Ready to Defy Your Age INSTANTLY and:

  • Look Younger
  • Eradicate Fine Lines And Wrinkles
  • Gain The Confidence That Comes From A Healthy, Youthful Appearance
  • Get Great Results Without Needles And Expensive And Time Consuming Doctor’s Office Visits
  • Experience The Self-Assurance That Comes From Radiant Skin


It’s Time to Order!
Skinception® Instant Wrinkle Reducer

You incur Zero Risk. We offer a no-questions-asked money back guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to lose and more youthful, glowing skin and renewed confidence to gain.

Take a stand for your youthful appearance. You’ll look great; you’ll feel even better.

order now

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Himalayan Salt Lamp

by Himalayan Salt Lamps

Hygroscopy is the phenomenon of attracting and holding water molecules from the surrounding environment, which is usually at normal or room temperature. This is achieved through absorption or adsorption with the substance becoming physically changed somewhat.

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps cleanse the air around you by absorbing moisture and any attached airborne particulate. Then evaporating pure water out into the surrounding environment. This process is called hygroscopy and is responsible for one of the most common problems inherent to genuine Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp:

• Detoxifies the body by balancing systemic pH
• Improves hydration by providing trace minerals
• Improves mineral status of the body
• Reduces muscle cramps by improving minerals and hydration
• Helps balance blood sugar
• Supports hormone balance for everyone, no matter what hormonal issues you face
• Helps balance blood pressure because it provides unrefined, mineral-rich salt in an ionic solution
• Improves sleep by supporting blood sugar and hormone balance
• Acts as a powerful antihistamine
• Supports weight loss by balancing hormones and improving energy
• Supports thyroid and adrenal function

How to know Fake Himalayan Salt Lamp?

If you live in a moist area and your Himalayan Salt Lamp did not do Hygroscopy, this is a sign that your Himalayan Salt Lamp is a FAKE.