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Low sex drive in women

Millions of women struggle with low libido. They have no desire for sex. Some don’t enjoy doing sex. She cannot satisfy her partner in the bedroom. More worse is that her partner doesn’t understand that she have a problem. He feels neglected and he blames her for not interested in him or she doesn’t love him anymore.

If  you have any of these situations, be sure you are not alone. As many women suffer same problems like you. Nowadays low sex drive is more and more common among women. All you know it’s important to have sex, so many women are concerned when they their sex drive declines.


When the woman takes care of herself emotionally, physically and practice healthy life style, her sex drive is going to be better. Emotional , experiences, beliefs, lifestyle, current relationship and physical are factors affecting the performance and sexual desire of a woman.  Problem in any of these areas,will affect her sexual desire.

There are many reasons why sex drive may be declining in a woman. But it is hard define which out which reason is contributing the most to the problem.

Emotional, Psychological and relation causes

  • Anxiety or depression
  • Chronic stress: financial or work stress and related to her relationship
  • Poor body shape or image
  • Low self-esteem
  • Physical or sexual abuse in the past
  • Relationship problems: poor connection with her partner, Problems and conflicts, breach of trust and others.

Hormone changes

Hormonal changes like in menopause (due to drop of estrogen levels) and during pregnancy and lactation, can result in low sex drive. Also low androgens (including testosterone) can play a role. hypothyroidism is another cause.

Physical and life style causes

A- Non sexual diseases: like arthritis, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and neurological diseases. These diseases can affect the sex drive in women
B- Sexual diseases resulting in pain during sex, like gonorrhea, chlamydia vaginal atrophy
C- Surgery
D- Medications like antidepressants and anti-seizure. And also birth control pills, and blood pressure medications.
E- Life style as much drinking , smoking can affect negatively the woman’s sex drive.

If you have low sex drive, what can you do?

treatment can be one of the following or a combination:
(1) Sex therapy or relationship counseling. Look for sex therapist who is knowledgeable about the physical, relationship-related, and emotional components of sexual dysfunction. Phytosteron: for menpause
(2) Medications to improve libido:

  1. Estrogen: vaginal dryness can lesd to painful sex and low sex drive. This can be caused by fall of estrogen levels in menopause or because of breastfeeding. Estrogen comes in the form of skin cream, tablet or skin patch.
  2. Erectile dysfunction drugs can be given to women to improve their sex drive and reach orgasm. These can help better blood flow into the genitals.
  3. Keeping testosterone to normal level is very important for the woman. Not only can Testosterone boost her sex drive, it can also improve overall mood, improve muscle mass and help with weight loss.


(3) Supplements: containing testosterone or estrogen may help women in menopause. We recommend a supplement that will help menopausal women significantly, called: Phytoester.