Procosa II – 120 Tablets / Bottle

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Enjoy Healthy Joints!



An effective formula for healthy joints, supplying an advanced dose of glucosamine sulfate

The Procosa™ II supplement supplies an advanced dosage of nutrients that support and maintain the cartilage in your joints.

Who to Share With

  • Athletes whose joints endure greater wear from physical stresses
  • People whose work requires constant, repeated activities like walking and typing
  • Older people who want to maintain problem-free movement

Why USANA’s Procosa II

  • Procosa II provides high-quality glucosamine sulfate at doses clinically proven to help maintain healthy cartilage.
  • It combines the benefits of turmeric extract, manganese, vitamin C, and silicon to provide quick benefits and lasting support.
  • It is effective, safe, and manufactured to pharmaceutical quality.



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