Promescent Prolonging Delay Spray for Men


Better and Maximized Sensation and Climax!

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Unique Topical Lidocaine Formula for Better and Maximized Sensation and Climax
Unique Topical Lidocaine

– Trial size size 1.3 ml

– Standard size 7.4 ml

About the product

  • MAXIMIZED PERFORMANCE | Our Topical Lidocaine formula is recommended by a grand total of 1300 urologists, and it is designed and formulated to help manage male ejaculation successfully and fully. With a metered spray dose, men are able to control their penile sensitivity and perform better sexually.
  • SIMPLE AND EASY | Apply our product just 10 minutes before intercourse, and enjoy as your sexual endurance is maximized. Promescent spray can be purchased hassle-free, without a prescription from your doctor. With an adjustable sensitivity you are in control. Our trial size comes with approximately 10 sprays.
  • TRIED & TESTED | Developed and created with a prestigious U.S. University’s School of Pharmacy, Promescent Desensitizing Delay Spray is the only spray on the market that absorbs underneath the skin to affect the nerve endings, providing longer and more satisfying sex. This product is endorsed by Men’s Health, Esquire, and Men’s Fitness.
  • GREAT FOR YOUR PARTNER TOO | The spray is 100% FDA compliant and will not transfer to your partner, leaving you both free to enjoy fun and satisfying sex.





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