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USANA Essentials

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2 bottles: 112 tablets/each
Mega Anti Oxidant and Chelated Mineral

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What is Usana Essentials?

  • The Essentials™: vitamin & mineral supplement for adults. It is are a combination of two products: 1-Mega Antioxidant™, 2-Chelated Mineral™. Together, they provide a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and other plant nutrients. By USANA’s nutritional system.
  • Usana Essentials Multivitamin is a dietary supplement containing minerals, inositol, choline bitartrate, n-acetyl l-cysteine, alpha lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10, turmeric extract, lutein, lycopene, chromium and B-vitamins, among others.
  • Highly-rated broad-spectrum multi-vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant daily supplement.
  • USANA makes it easy to ensure that your family—in all stages of development—gets nothing less than the best.

Total Body Health

It is the premier line of nutritional supplements due to its content of trace minerals, mixed carotenoids, bioflavanoids, and other phytochemicals . They also provide a comprehensive range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Finally; good for daily nutritional support due to:

  1. Bone and Joint Health
  2. Brain and Nerve Health
  3. Heart Health
  4. Immune Health
  5. Eye Health
  6. Healthy Energy
  7. Healthy Liver Function
  8. Men’s Health
  9. Women’s Health

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