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USANA’s Foundation

USANA was founded by a scientist—not a corporate suit.

USANA’s founder, Myron Wentz, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized microbiologist, immunologist, and pioneer in infectious disease diagnosis. In 1974, he founded Gull Laboratories to develop viral diagnostics, and his greatest successes during this time included the first commercially available diagnostic test for Epstein-Barr virus, better known as the virus that causes mononucleosis.

But success was never Myron Wentz’ only aim. Instead, he centered his life around a dream of a world free from pain and suffering. A world free from disease. And he founded USANA to help further his dream by providing people all over the world with the most advanced supplements science can produce.

This is why USANA is a company based on continuous product innovation. This is why they have stringent manufacturing processes, participate in ongoing scientific research, and have an insatiable drive to produce exceptional products. This is why USANA is trusted by professional athletes and Olympians, and also everyday people who believe health is a vital part of a long, happy life.

This is why USANA is a company based on continuous product innovation. This is why they have stringent manufacturing processes, participate in ongoing scientific research, and have an insatiable drive to produce exceptional products. This is why USANA is trusted by professional athletes and Olympians, and also everyday people who believe health is a vital part of a long, happy life.

This is why USANA is not just another direct selling business.

If you are interested to be a member ; to get your Nutritional Supplements at very discounted price , and to be able to share the high quality health products with others. Then you can start a business as independent distributor. Enroll her:

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USANA Business Opportunity – The Best For You?

The dream of owning your own business isn’t far.
In fact, it’s more easily attainable than you may think. The cost and work required to start a traditional business are usually staggering. But, there’s an alternative. It is not hard to choose and start the alternative. That is USANA Business. Are you ready? If yes, it is for you. You can grab USANA business opportunity now. All you need is your energetic drive with persistence and a strong desire to succeed. No capital required. Qualifications are not a must. No long exhausting procedures. It is as easy as 1,2,3.

USANA business

A Better Option

USANA Business is a way to make your dreams come true. You don’t need to go through all the way and processing that required for any traditional business. It is not only that easy, but also with great potentials for success. It will help you create a better life. In USANA Business, we don’t follow a typical business model. It is a direct selling mode. Direct selling is a unique way of selling products person-to-person, rather than from an expensive, tedious known retail mode.

Facts about USANA Business Opportunity

First of all, let me tell you some facts about that wonderful company and its opportunity, that called USANA business.

The world’s #1 rated company in the field of supplements.
Producer of top rated health and wellness products.
The company is more than 25 years in the market with great success.
Started 1992 as one branch in USA.
Extended into more than 22 countries by 2017.
It Has significant share in Direst Selling Business as well as in supplement world market.
Recommended by many third-party reviewers and agencies like and others.
USANA business Opportunity with more than 95% satisfaction in reviews.
USANA essentials ranked top compared to 1600 known supplements.
(Read More Reviews here)
1# rated MLM business in the world for supplements.


Flexible and self-directed work.
You set your work hours.
Control your success.
Work at Home.
No commute or rush-hour traffic.
Live and work wherever you want.
Make a Difference
Improve the quality of people’s lives by sharing products and a business opportunity that can help them achieve their dreams.


You are paid what you’re worth. You decide how much you earn.
Outstanding Earning Potential with USANA business.
Money sure can buy you financial freedom.
USANA’s award-winning compensation plan offers six ways to earn.
Plus, you have the chance to earn a sales commission every week. Does any traditional job offer that?
Think about it..
No experience required.
Training with our team allows you to earn as you learn.
Work when you want.
Where you want.
And, how much you want, part-time or full-time.

USANA Business is not just a business

USANA is not only offering a business opportunity that can take your life to the next level, but more than that. It is also a way to enjoy a better health. You agree with me that health and money are the most important for us. But none of them can stand alone. None of them alone can give you a complete happy life. Being healthy without money, or wealthy without health, think of it! USANA can give you a none separable combination of health and wealth. USANA Business with its great potential income, and the top high quality health products.

Do I need to take supplement?

That is a question, I did not expect to be asked. Practically, I was asked that question several times. “Do I need to take supplement?”. That means many of us don’t know that every one should take supplement to nourish his body. Why should we take supplements if our food is complete and balanced?

I realized that I should include, into my article, a paragraph why we need to take supplement, even though our food looks balanced.

Dr. Greger Research on nutrtion

Dr. Michael Greger, a recognized physician, and founder of, stated that: “after study and examination of the fifteen top causes of death in America (heart disease, various cancers, diabetes, Parkinson’s, high blood pressure, and more), it was concluded that nutritional and lifestyle could sometimes trump prescription pills and other pharmaceutical and surgical approaches. They could free us to live healthier lives”.

Nutrient deficiencies hurt your performance, causing DNA damage, making you age faster, and contributing to chronic disease. You can not get all of nutrients required for your body from food. Even if you’re following a most balanced complete diet. A daily dose of supplement can supply nutrients that a huge amount of fresh vegetables, fruits and dairy food only can supply. That amount of food is too huge to be consumed by any person.

Research consistently finds that most of us have diets that lack an appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals. These include iron, which protects against anaemia, and selenium, which may boost our resistance to viruses. Vitamin D is also low across both sexes and all age groups, with 40 per cent of us having low blood levels during the winter months. In winter, exposure to sun is less. Also we don’t get enough calcium, potassium, fiber, magnesium and vitamins A, C, D, and E.

USANA essentials

If You want to read more about supplements and their importance, here is a great article for you:

Why USANA Supplement?

After I explain why we need to take supplements, and every one need to take, another question may pop up. “Why I should use USANA products? Why not one of the 100’s other products that are also great?” This is really a good question. But the answer is easy. If you read the paragraphs at the start of this page, you will realize that:

  • USANA has no competitors for its supplements. It is the best of the bests
  • Cellular nutrtion science is the basis on which products from USANA are manufactured . It is the only establishment that can combine the ingredients perfectly, with the most balanced proportions and the most bioavailability.
  • Essentials, from USANA, are the top ranked for many years worldwide compared to all other supplements.
  • USANA health and wellness products have more than 95% positive reviews from the consumers.
    Thousands of elite and professional athletes from all over the world trust USANA to give them superior nutritional support so they can compete at the highest levels. Imagine what USANA’s products could do for you.
    More than 60 USANA scientists worldwide ensure you get a quality product, from raw ingredient to the finished package. And because even excellence can get better, we collaborate with research institutions and universities to bring you the absolute best of what your body needs most.
USANA is the best of the best
USANA is the best of the best as per study compared 1600 nuritionals


If you are new for USANA Business Opportunity, you may need to know more before you grab this USANA business opportunity, you can get into details now; click here

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Usana Philippines Products List> Buy Now

USANA Business Opportunity


  • Proflavanol C – is for people who have acne, cancer, asthma, diabetes allergies at hypertension.
  • Coquinone 30 – is for those who have Fatique, Cancer, Hearth Failure, Kidney Failure, Hair Loss at Infertility.
  • Biomega – for those who have high Cholesterol, Hypertension, Pregnant 1 to 8 months only at Stroke (ischemic, not hemorrhagic)
  • Hepasil – for those who have Hepatitis, Chronic Alcoholism, Cirrhosis, Chronic Sm
  • oking, Fatty Liver at Gall at Kidney Stones
  • Active Calcium – for those who have Osteoporosis, Menopause & regular menstruation, Strenuous Physical Acrtivity at sa may Ulcer.
  • Visionex – for whom have Macular Degeneration, Cataract, Glaucoma at Optic Neuritis.
  • Procosa – For Arthritis (osteoarthtritis, rheumatoid arthritis for pain), Joint Injury at Mild Pain (muscle pain, headache, stomach ache)
  • Nutrimeal – For weight loss (3x a day as meal replacement) For weight gain (3x a day as meal supplement) Body Building at Diabetics.
  • Sense – for Frecles, Wrinkles, Acne, Dry or Oily Skin at Frequent Sun Exposure.